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During this tour you'll meet the oldest Georgian traditions, You will have opportunity to try most popular Georgian food and the best sort of Georgian wines!

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Spend 7 Incredible Days With Us!

Kakheti - the eastern region of Georgia, famous for stunning landscapes that include snow-covered peaks and curving passes, traditional winemaking in „qvevri“ and gorgeous cities. It’s one of the country’s most diverse areas. So, here are some of the best things you should see and do in Kakheti while visiting Georgia. Discover whole Kakheti province during this one week trip. Venture into Kakheti’s semi-desert landscapes and visit the David Gareja Monastery, set on the Georgia-Azerbaijan border and home to 6th-century monastic caves. Then, visit the medieval Bodbe Monastery near the hilltop town of Signagi. Admire the Alazani valley from Signagi’s watchtowers and enjoy with Kakhetian traditional food and tens sorts of local wine. Next days you will visit Telavi, the capital town of Kakheti region, the first archaeological findings from Telavi date back to the Bronze Age. One of the earliest surviving accounts of Telavi is from the 2nd century AD, by Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, who mentions the name Teleda (a reference to Telavi). During this trip you will visit some of the ancient monasteries, as Alaverdi Cathedral, Nekresi Monastery, and Gremi Monastery. Don’t Google Word “Georgia”, Just Visit Country “Sakartvelo” Provided By Shota Cherkezishvili

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  1. Day 1 Tbilisi

    Our Guide will meet in in the airport on your arrival day, then we will ride you with comfortable transport from airport to Hotel, where you can leave your bags and get prepared for evening tour around Tbilisi, The Capital city of Georgia! During this trip, you'll try our traditional food and drinks. Tour leader will tell you some interesting stories about Tbilisi and Georgia, the stories which can’t be found in Wikipedia... After evening walk we will ride you to the hotel...

  2. Day 2 Mtskheta

    Next day, after tasty breakfast in the hotel, our guide and driver will meet you and pick you up from the hotel for upcoming adventure! The second day is totally provided for wine degustation. During the day we will visit oldest capital of Georgia, Mtskheta and will enjoy with it is amazing view from the hill, where is allocated "Jvari" monastery, you will be the witness of wonderful show, how two rivers meet each other... Next stop! Are you ready??? Chateau Mukhrani the Princes of Mukhrani (Mukhranbatoni) stem from one of the oldest royal dynasties in the World - the Bagrationi. In 1512 King David of Kartli donated the Mukhrani Estate, dominating the Ksani and Aragvi gorges, to his brother Prince Bagrat. Since then his descendants have left their mark in all sectors of modern contemporary life - political, economic, as well as cultural in the great history of the proud Georgian Nation. Throughout the centuries this fertile land was attractive to many invaders and the Princes of Mukhrani protected it with courage against the various enemies. Sensible and brave warriors - they defended the land brilliantly and courageously. Their knightly nature, diligence and self-sacrifice allowed them to occupy the Royal Throne of the Country as early as the 17th century.

  3. Day 3 Sighnaghi

    The third day of tour will give you another experience, you will be picked up from your hotel at 10:00 AM and will arrive at Bodbe monastery at 11:30 AM. The monastery is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino, the 4th-century female evangelist, at 12:30 PM, arrive in Sighnaghi town, an old trading town with a 17th-century defensive wall around it. Cobbled streets and terracotta tile-roofed homes with colourfully carved balconies and breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley give it a very charming character. 12:45 visit Sighnaghi Museum. The ethnographic collection features five thousand artefacts, including textiles, copper and wooden domestic items, agricultural instruments, materials corresponding to wine culture, goldsmith works, different types of working instruments, and musical instruments. After this, we will walk in the city and visit local cellar, where you can try some local food and the best wines ever. This evening we will stay in Sighnaghi, in cozy and comfortable hotel. In the evening you will have chance to walk around the city and enjoy with a beautiful views and amazing dinner in local restaurant.

  4. Day 4 Telavi

    In the morning our guide will meet in the hotel, after breakfast at 10 AM and you will continue tour around Kakheti! This day you will cross most part of Kakheti and arrive in Telavi, the main city and administrative centre of Georgia's eastern province of Kakheti. The first archaeological findings from Telavi date back to the Bronze Age. One of the earliest surviving accounts of Telavi is from the 2nd century AD, by Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, who mentions the name Teleda (a reference to Telavi). Telavi began to transform into a fairly important and large political and administrative centre in the 8th century. Interesting information on Telavi is provided in the records by an Arab geographer, Al-Muqaddasi of the 10th century, who mentions Telavi along with such important cities of that time's Caucasus as Tbilisi, Shamkhor, Ganja, Shemakha and Shirvan. Speaking about the population of Telavi, Al-Muqaddasi points out that for the most part it consisted of Christians. From the 10th until the 12th century, Telavi served as the capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti and later Kingdom of Kakhet-Hereti. During the so-called Golden Era of the Georgian State (12th–13th centuries), Telavi turned into one of the most important political and economic centres of the Georgian State. After the disintegration of the united Georgian Kingdom in the 15th century, the role of Telavi started to decline and the city eventually became an ordinary town of trade and crafts. Telavi regained its political importance in the 17th century when it became a capital of the kingdom of Kakheti. By 1762, it turned into the second capital (after Tbilisi) of the united Eastern Georgian Kingdom of Kartl-Kakheti.

  5. Day 5 Gremi-Nekresi

    After night rest in Telavi's cozy hotel and amazing breakfast, we will move in another direction to see wine valleys and oldest churches of Khakheti region. Such as Gremi and Nekresi. Gremi - a 16th-century architectural monument, the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels, the complex is what has survived from the once flourishing town of Gremi and is located southwest of the present-day village of the same name in the Kvareli district, 175 kilometres east of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Nekresi - a historic town in Kakheti, Georgia, in modern-day Kvareli Municipality, near the village of Shilda. The town was established by king Pharnajom (around 2nd-1st centuries BC). In the 4th century AD, king Thrdat built a church in this place. This church became a refuge to one of the Assyrian fathers, Abibus, in the late 6th century. Around this time Diocese of Nekresi was established, which existed until the 19th century.

  6. Day 6 Gareji Desert

    Short History Of Gareji The complex was founded in the 6th century by David (St. David Garejeli), one of the thirteen Assyrian monks who arrived in the country at the same time. His disciples Dodo and Luciane expanded the original lavra and founded two other monasteries known as Dodo's Rka (literally, "the horn of Dodo") and Natlismtsemeli ("the Baptist"). The monastery saw further development under the guidance of the 9th-century Georgian saint Ilarion. The convent was particularly patronized by the Georgian royal and noble families. The 12th-century Georgian king Demetre I, the author of the famous Georgian hymn Thou Art a Vineyard, even chose David Gareja as a place of his confinement after he abdicated the throne. Despite the harsh environment, the monastery remained an important centre of religious and cultural activity for many centuries; at certain periods the monasteries owned extensive agricultural lands and many villages. The renaissance of fresco painting chronologically coincides with the general development of the life in the David Gareja monasteries. The high artistic skill of David Gareja frescoes made them an indispensable part of world treasure. From the late 11th to the early 13th centuries, the economic and cultural development of David Gareja reached its highest phase, reflecting the general prosperity of the medieval Kingdom of Georgia. New monasteries Udabno, Bertubani and Chichkhituri were built, the old ones were enlarged and re-organized. The monastery remains active today and serves as a popular destination of tourism and pilgrimage.

  7. Day 7 Tbilisi - Shopping

    At last day of this incredible trip, after hotel check-out, you will have chance to buy some souvenirs and gifts for your friends or family. Our guide and driver will ride you to the shopping center, where you can spend some time for your shopping and get shopping therapy. After this, you will be dropped in the International Tbilisi Airport. Thanks for visiting us! Hope you enjoyed!


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Price includes accommodation in a cozy hotel in the center of Tbilisi. All rooms are air conditioned and have a TV, Free WiFi, desk, 24 Hour Reception, Heating, Hairdryer, Wake-up Service, Tasty Breakfast, Comfortable Bed, Private Bathroom and etc. Transportation is included as well, type and capacity of transportation depends on the number of tourists. Our drivers are experienced and professionals. Wish you comfortable stay and safe trip.

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