ABOUT 3Line Group

Briefly about us

3Line Group exists to improve tourism service around the world, to provide all possible attends connected to tourism and travel on one platform, most comfortable and easy to understand (use) ways. Our experienced and highly trained tour agents have a lot of amazing and interesting offers, for all types of taste, age and desires! They are just waiting your call in order to organize your next journey through this wonderful planet.

At 3line we employ people who have high temperature of motivation and willingness of changing others life, creating unforgettable memories for you and your friends! That is how we offer the best quality and prices in tourism industry!


3Line Group was founded by four friends in the capital, Tbilisi, of a small country Georgia, country known with its history, traditions, nature, people and warm hospitality. Our main goal from the beginning was to become a strong provider of every type of travel products. 3Line group has started operations, focused on “all in one” option, from November 2017 and now we are providing different products like: Holiday packages, air tickets, car rent, hotel booking, etc. But our key product is organized tours in more than 20 countries and 5 continents! At this moment 3Line Group employs few hundreds of guides, tour agents and service managers, who are always ready to create fresh, different and interesting tours around the world! After establishment company started to grow and now is one of the fast growing tourism service provider.

Air Tickets

3Line Group suggest airline ticket booking by face to face communication, or advance order. On our new platform, online ticket booking will also be available.

Holiday Packages

Holiday packages offered by 3Line Group consists flights, hotels, insurance, transfers and other assistance. We are also able to plan any trip according to customers preferences.

Hotel Booking

For the beginning, we are able to book hotels to any demanded destinations of world, but also we are working on a platform, where we will be able to book hotels to our customers mostly through b2b sales.

Organized tours

Organized tours in countries where we are present. Tour booking is possible on our website and through our representative branch offices. For the first year, we will have only b2c selling model. After that, we will start moving to b2b model step by step. During organized tours, our representatives will be with tourists for the whole duration of trip and will give them any help needed.

Thing to do

We will have an information on our platform for travellers, such as forums, articles, reviews, etc. which will make our website more interesting. There will be an information about what tourists can do in different popular destinations and what they can visit.

Commercials (Restaurants, Destinations, Ads)

On our website, we will have a service for restaurants and other places to implement an information about them in order to attract travelers and make them visit to their place. Placement fee will be convenient and affordable for any restaurant. We will also have advertising options for other kind of companies, but we will have categories which can’t place advertisement in our system.

Airport Transfers

3Line Group has partnership with different transport companies and we are able to arrange airport transfers by online advance booking.

Car Rental

We have partnership with different worldwide car rental companies and advance rental will also be available on our website.

Travel Insurance

Our every branch office is able to sell travel insurance for our customers by having contracts with local insurance companies.

Bussiness model

Beginning (B2C)

Our business model for the beginning will be B2C, in order to test travel flow and work on overcoming existing problems. B2C model means, that our representatives will sell our product directly to travellers. After we reach optimal conditions, we will start moving to B2B model.

Long Run (B2B)

B2B model means, that we will start suggesting our product to local tourism companies and they will be able to sell our product. Sub agents (travel companies), will get percent of product value what they will sell. This model will help us to enlarge number of our sales and move to new level of development.


“To be world’s premier provider of tourism service”


“Constantly maximize desires of our customers.”


People who always support and endorse our good work