​What is the difference between a tour guide and a tour operator?

Tour Guide
A tour guide travels with the tourists from their place of arrival to all places they would like to visit in South Africa (specifically in Provinces where tour guide is registered)

Tour Operator
A tour operator is someone who makes all the arrangements for the tourists who will be visiting SA e.g. accommodation, transport and places of attractions.

Why do you need to turn off all your electronic devices before an airplane takes off and lands?

We've been taught to fear the interference of our portable devices and an airplane's sensitive electronic systems. And despite being told to turn off our darn phones, four out of ten passengers, it seems, disregard these warnings, since there's little hard evidence behind claims that electromagnetic emissions from devices can muddle airplane computers. Still, there's ample anecdotal corroboration, like the flight where a 30-degree navigation error was rectified simply by asking a passenger to turn off a portable DVD player. The issue is still being debated, so if in doubt, flick that off switch. We might, eventually, long for the days when a chatty seatmate couldn’t make an hour-long phone call.

Do you have to be rich to travel the world?

The beauty of travel is that it’s accessible to everyone, in some form. You don't have to go far to experience a new culture. Plus there are several ways to make most flights affordable, whether by being flexible. Know the best time to book a flight: 57 days in advance for domestic flights, 117 for international. Then again, you could just make traveling the world your 9-to-5.

What are some common items savvy travelers bring with them (that less-savvy travelers don’t)?

Don’t forget a small power strip—ideal for sharing a crowded outlet in an airport, and a simple way to keep all devices close by once at a hotel. Keep a photograph of your luggage and passport on your smartphone; lose either of them, and you’ll be grateful for the reference.

What’s the best way to sleep on a plane?

Some seasoned travelers might swear by that knockout cocktail known as an Ambientini (a sleeping pill with a vodka chaser). There are better, safer ways, though—including pre-flight exercise and a few drops of lavender essential oil.

What are some of the best travel locations?

We’re all keen to explore countries and destinations that are unspoiled or unexpected, even if we’re probably still subconsciously following trends. The planet Earth is the best place for travelers, any place, destination, city or country is interesting by itself.

If I visit your country, what’s the one meal I shouldn’t miss?

It’s the same answer everywhere: breakfast. No meal is more distinctive or diverse.

What’s the best city in the world?

It’s hard to answer this kinda question, every year list of popular destinations are changeable. But we can suggest few soft discovered cities: Tbilisi (Georgia), Zagreb (Croatia) and St. Petersburg (Russia)

What Items can (not) you take on carry-on bag?

Since 2006, the Transportation Security Administration has limited “wet” substances to 3.4 ounces in one quart-size plastic zip-top bag. The restriction covers liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes, with an exception for travelers needing larger quantities of medications, baby formula/food and breast milk for the flight (be sure to inform the security officer of your extras). Also, remember that TSA restricts objects that look or behave like weapons, such as baseball bats and water guns. The best advice: If you have any doubt, pack it in your checked bag or leave it at home.

In case of any inconvenience or bad travel service, what’s the best way and time to inform the company?

The ideal time and place to resolve a travel-related problem is now. So if you’re experiencing substandard service, say something as soon as possible. Whether you get service from our travel agency or from our partners and you are not satisfied, (Guide, Driver, Hotel or etc) please send a brief, polite email to the company after you return is the best course of action. If you do not get response and email does not work, contact directly to this person Shota Cherkezishvili, CEO of 3Line Group, by calling on this number: +995551664451

Are carry-on bags always free?

Not on all airlines. Ultra-discount carriers around the world often charge for a standard-size carry-on, though some like Spirit allow for a very small bag if placed under a seat. In general, older, large airlines allow free carry-ons. As for big checked-bags, all airlines charge a fee. Anyways please check your flight ticket and more details with provider airline company.

How can I contact someone at 3Line Travel?

You can contact us at anytime via our Contact Us page or call us at +995 551 66 44 51 with questions or to book your vacation of a lifetime today. (Office hours are Monday through Friday 06:06 Am  to 04:00 Pm by GMT.)

What is included in the price?

Tour price, for most of the tours, includes all Accommodations, airport transfers, Guiding, Transportation, Traditional Meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Welcome Packages, Fun and Joy, Interesting Stories and a lot of positive memories and pictures. Also please check “Overview” of every tour to find more information.