The Reunification Monument Buea, Cameroon

The Reunification Monument Buea, Cameroon

The magnificent structure consists of the logo of the celebration of the Independence of Cameroon as the central unit, built with concrete and metal cylinders.

Immediately after the official unveiling of the monument, President Paul Biya told the press that the monument was an homage to the efforts consented by the people of Cameroon to live in peace and prosperity. Peace is symbolized by a dove holding in its beak the peace plant overlooking the map of Cameroon at its upper end. The ten betted columns, whose height varies from 1.3m to 7m support the logo. These columns symbolize power, the dynamics of growth and emergence which are fundamentals to the economic, social and cultural development of Cameroon. Their total weight is 9.9 tons.

To showcase the cultural diversity of Cameroon, a great work of art in the form of a mosaic made from glass paste inspired the cultures of the ten regions and the heritage of Cameroon, particularly through its variety, colour and dress trimmings. This depicts the story and the life of the country. The large wall painting portrays ten ancestors, benevolent deities of the four cultural areas of Cameroon (Sudano-Saharian area, Grass field areas, Fang-Beti area and the Sawa area).

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