Dja Faunal Reserve

Dja Faunal Reserve

Dja Faunal Reserve a.k.a. Guerillas Nature Reserve, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the southeastern side of Cameroon. The reserve is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, including five endangered mammals such as white-collared mangabey, mandrill, drill-Western lowland gorilla and the chimpanzee. There are numerous charity projects supported by local and international donors for the maintenance of this reserve, which is part of the dense forests

Still largely untouched, Dja Faunal Reserve shelters many endangered species and covers over 5,000 sq km (1,930 sq mi). A World Heritage Site, the reserve provides a safe home for apes, elephants, and chimpanzees living freely in the wilderness. Time your visit for the dry season, since the reserve remains relatively inaccessible in rainy weather.

The Dja Reserve is one of Africa's largest and best-protected rainforests. At the time of World Heritage listing in 1987, 90% of the area was considered intact and human pressure was low. The Reserve has a population of Baka pygmies who live in a relatively traditional manner and confer a recognized cultural value to the site. Agriculture and commercial hunting are prohibited, but the Pygmies are allowed to hunt traditionally.

At the time of inscription on the World Heritage List, thousands of people were already living on the outskirts of the Reserve. Traditional agriculture remains their main economic activity and hunting their main source of animal protein supply. Mining and forestry prospecting were also underway in the region. No deposits have yet been discovered inside the property, but mining activities in the periphery could be harmful to its integrity. The harvesting of timber remains a possibility, but the legal constraints and the inaccessibility of the region make it unlikely. The protection of the property against this type of activity as well as against other threats outside the boundaries of the property is essential.

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