Batumi is the administrative center of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and one of the major climatic resorts along the Georgian Black Sea coast. It is situated on the south-east shore of the Black Sea. For the first time Batumi is mentioned in works by Plinus, Xenofonte, Apollonius of Rodos. They prove that being one of the most important ports the town was well known to the ancient world.
There are numbers of museums, monuments, culture centers, restaurants, parks, squares, religion sites, etc. in the city. Modern Batumi is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of Georgia and has become a distinguished tourist center in the whole Black Sea region.
The name Batumi originates from Greek and it means ‘deep bay”.
It has always had the necessary resources for a resort, but during the last few years unprecedented measures have been taken to develop its full potential and to improve the tourism sphere in this city. It should be noted that in 2012 the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences announced Batumi as the Best New Destination of the year.

Sights Description

1. Batumi Seaside Boulevard is one of the charms of the city. It was established in 1881. It stretches along the seashore like a green line, to the north-west of Batumi. Its length is about 1,5 km. The original project of the seaside park was created by Reseller, a famous German gardener. He did not live long enough to carry out the project and his work was continued by the French gardener D’Alphonse. In the boulevard it is possible to fulfill such recreational activities as walking along the seaside, biking on a new bicycle path, trying delicious cuisine in a variety of cafes and restaurants, watching French dancing and Musical Fountains, etc. One can start by watching fountain shows with a background of classical and traditional music, walk in five parallel alleys in the park, feel the unique microclimate of boulevard which has comforting and recreational impact and breathe in a cocktail saturated with an exotic aroma of pine trees. As well as that, the Sea Side Park entertainments include Aqua-Park, Ferry’s wheel, night clubs and bungalows.
2. Musical fountain of Batumi - There is the musical fountain in the Sea Side Park that functions every evening offering the visitors classical and national music.
3. Batumi Aquarium and Dolphinarium - One of the pearls of Batumi is the Aquarium, which was founded in 1966 and is situated next to the territory of the “6 May Park“. It has been remodeled over the past years has a lot more to offer. People used to come to see how a dozen of dolphins gave a show and did magnificent tricks. In 2007 the Government of Adjara decided to build a new dolphinarium. Seven young dolphins found their new home and are being trained to become stars of the city and sell out the shows once again.
4. Old Batumi - Growth and development of modern Batumi began in Porto Franco period in XIX century and continued more rapidly later on. Batumi, with its first rank port and well developed industry held a significant place in Georgia and the Caucasus as one of the most important transit and industrial centers. In 1903 29 factories functioned here. A lot of European commercial and industrial companies such as, “O.F.Gillard”, “Siemens and Halske”, “Schuft and Zimmerman”, “Varneke and Company”, ”Nobel Brothers” were doing their business in Batumi.
5. Piazza Square - Piazza Square – one of the most amazing squares in Georgia has already become a symbol of Batumi. It is distinguished by its mosaic and stained glass windows and attracts lots of tourists. The construction of the square was finished in 2010. The main architect of the squire is Vazha Orbeladze, the author of the stained glass windows – Estonian artist Dolores Hofman. Piazza offers all the necessary relevant facilities café, restaurant and hotel. Notably, on Piazza Square they often perform concerts of worldwide musicians like Placido Domingo, Chris Botti, Sting, Michel Legrand and Tamar Gverdtsiteli, etc.
6. Georgian Alphabetic Tower - The Georgian Alphabetic Tower is 130 m tall, the aim of the tower was to introduce the unique and rich culture of the country to the world. The Tower consists of two ring shaped structures, an interior and an exterior wall, crowned by large glass sphere of 30 m in diameter. The 33 letters of Georgian
7. Sculpture of Love “Ali and Nino” - The Love statue of “Ali and Nino” was built on the Coast in Batumi Seaside Park, based on one of the best seller novel of Kurban Said. The height of the statue is 9 m and it weighs 7 tons. The authors of it are Tamar Kvesitadze and Paata Shonia.
If you visit seaside of Georgia, it will stay in your memory forever!

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